Living Luminous is freedom + love, it’s hip + sexy, rebellious + passionate, it’s about give + take, movement + laughter,  instinct + magic and more…but it’s mainly about letting your own light really shine without taking life too seriously.

It’s about moving on, moving up or moving out because you have found your freedom to be who you are without making yourself less because others can’t handle it. Knowing you are never too old for what you want, never too much for the people around you and you alone are enough.

Rocking the roller coaster of balanced living confident that when something has to give, and it always does, it will not wear you out and you won’t stay in the shadows and give up but give in and seek the light again.

Making your own rules and living by them without apology or explanation. Saying “I want” more than “I should”. Being compassionate and kind and vulnerable and trusting without being a pushover.

Get your Glow on and Be Luminous.  Because no one puts baby in a corner.



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