Life Whisperer for love, light, laughter and freedom.

My name is Renee Magnusson and I am a holistic counselor and life coach. I work with people in personal vision planning to assist them in discovering what their ideal life looks like. I help heal past hurts so people can move forward and really let their light shine. I do this with no excuses coaching, direct, honest communication and humor, compassion, love and kindness.

I believe that you can manifest your ideal mate, be really happy, live in abundance and gratefulness while still moving forward. I believe this because its how I live, I have done it, I have stepped out of my shadow beliefs and into my light and it is my intention to shine more, fly higher and be happier each and every day. I have moved on, out, up and forward and continue to do so. Life is up and down, its all about what you focus on, how you walk through it and what is important to you.

Contact me at for more information!




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