Every Single One of these clients is magic and blew me away with their courage and spirit.  Coaching is a very give and take relationship and I learn from everyone I work with and for that I am SO grateful!   Renee xx


While coaching Renee has the ability and tenacity to focus on the positive and the power of  moving forward. While her empathy is strong she has never let me dwell in my failures of the past, she knows the questions I need to be asking myself, and moves me toward solutions. I feel stronger knowing Renee, and I thank her for her strength.

Hollie G

Working with Renee as my life coach and truly made a huge impact on who I am today. In the past, I have tried making a few goals or the classic “New Years Resolution” and always resulted in me becoming overwhelmed where to start, and giving up to return to my old behaviours. Renee is direct and very clear. She has this way of knowing how to ask the right questions, and challenge me in a way that helped me really see myself through a new perspective. Renee lives in being authentic, and through her charm, compassion, and humour it helped me feel at ease to open up to her, without feeling judged, and really be honest with myself to move forward in my life. She always put my needs firsts, and helped me to understand what I value and what I really want my life to look like. What really makes her different from the other helpers I have gone to in the past is I always came out of sessions feeling inspired, motivated, and believing in myself that I can truly get what I have always wanted. With her help, my goals were broken down, and was given homework to really challenge myself to work and move myself forward, instead of feeling stuck. Thank you Renee for all your help. You truly are a woman of power and peace.

Alysha P.

Renee was absolutely instrumental in helping me emotionally survive the most difficult relationship transition of my life. Her sensitivity coupled with integrity provided a constant beacon for me to return to that allowed me to delve into my authentic self with purpose and direction. She let me cry, laugh, be angry and find calm and balance all with an amazing ability to help me quietly re-focus what was most important to me. She is a truly gifted life coach!!! Love you

Michelle D.

Renee is the best life coach I have ever encountered because she gently whispered life back into my tortured and shattered existence.  She has the wisdom and insightfulness to kindly guide me towards the solutions I needed to have a better and more peaceful life and avoid dysfunctional patterns.  I attempted for many years with different kinds of counsellors or therapists to understand but more importantly forgive issues from my past that keep carrying forward into present relationships but have been unable to obtain resolution until I spent some intense time and self work with Renee.  I finally feel I have learned the skills I need to apply to most of the same situations in my life that cause me distress but arise in different circumstances.  The coaching felt like a physiotherapist pushing hard against a tense and sore spastic muscle until finally, it released and a long awaited and deserved sense of relief was felt.  I can move forward with a free heart and live my life with it’s true purpose and not be waited down by others actions I kept replaying/obsessing about in my mind.  The overwhelming anxiety I have been controlled by since my chaotic childhood seems to have dissolved.  I can live my own life guided by my own inner compass and use the valuable skills Renee taught me.  I knew the way to emotional freedom had to come from within but I had no idea how or where to get it from until she showed me the tools to live a brilliant and more meaningful life.  Renee give me spiritual wellness.

Lynne B

….is intuitive, inspiring with an intelligent approach to wellness……taught me to have the ability to look myself in the mirror and like what I see….has a refreshing and intuitive approach to my well being. I am grateful for that.

Tam K.

“Renee is a natural in this field and developing a working relationship with her is very easy.  Renee’s intuition is invaluable…she often senses when there are more issues to talk through. In addition to this she uses a good balance of listening and feedback.  In my conversations with Renee, her honesty and integrity were very apparent.  I strongly encourage you to engage with this competent  Life Skills Coach and live your best life!”

Lydia Fanelli, Wellness Life Coach

Renée Magnusson is my Life Whisperer. The one I go to when I actually want someone to listen. After she listens she gets to the heart of a problem or issue needing a resolution. She does it with compassion, empathy, and the utmost professionalism. She knows how to differentiate between something that is easily resolved and something that might need a little more work. Her words of wisdom are not just from a text book and her advice is not just something she read. She is real and her passion for counseling and life coaching comes from a history of life lessons and personal introspection. I would send my friends and family to her ear anytime and would think this world a better place if only there were more communicators like Renée.

Carly T.

Renee is the type of coach who can get right down to the nub of what’s going on by asking just the right questions. she helps me sift through the layers of crap and find my own answers and intelligence using her intuition and academic techniques. mostly, she helps me get out of my own way.

Brenda M.


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